Automotive Lighting Manufacturers

Automotive Lighting Manufacturers

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Several automotive lighting manufacturers are racing to develop new technologies to improve vehicles’ safety and efficiency. These companies include OSRAM, Hella, and NAOEVO. Their quality-oriented principles and professional teams make them industry leaders.

Magneti Marelli

Magneti Marelli designs and manufactures components systems and modules for the automotive industry. Their products include tractor lights tractor supply electronic fuel-injection systems, cooling systems, powertrains, exhausts and suspensions, on-board information and communication systems, and lighting units. In addition, they offer green technology solutions and motorsports solutions. The company has a global presence and serves customers worldwide.

The company’s success is built on manufacturing excellence and innovation. This approach is known as “Monozukuri” and “Genba,” both of which are rooted in the company’s Japanese and Italian heritage. The new logo symbolizes these principles and is a symbol of the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation.

Previously, the company was called Automotive Lighting, and it was founded in 1999 as a 50-50 joint venture with Bosch GmbH (K2 lighting division). In 2003, Autoland and Seima Group purchased the remaining shares, and the brand became fully owned by Magneti Marelli.

The company’s lights feature a curved, symmetrical design that is more durable than traditional bulbs and provides better performance. They also have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance. Additionally, the lights have a low power consumption and can be used in all climates.

In addition to a wide range of lights, the company offers many other products, such as air conditioning, wipers, and mirrors. They also have a full line of replacement parts for cars and trucks. Their products are certified by the CAPA Tier 1 Replacement Parts Program and can be used for all makes and models.


OSRAM is a world-renowned manufacturer of automotive lighting equipment. They specialize in LEDs, smart lighting systems, and sensor components. Their products help to improve safety and comfort in vehicles. They are also used for advanced driver assistance systems.

The company was founded in 1919 and is based in Munich, Germany. It is a high-tech photonics company, with research and development facilities in Europe and Asia. In 1925, the company introduced an ingenious lamp design called BILUX that integrated the functions of dipped and high beams into one unit. This revolutionized the way cars were lit and made them safer for drivers.

In the automotive market, OSRAM offers intelligent lighting and sensors for passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and more. These include adaptive headlights, fog lights, and rearview cameras. They are also developing LiDAR systems for autonomous driving, as well as gesture sensing technology.

The OSRAM Opto Semiconductors business unit holds a leading position in the worldwide LED component market. They offer a wide variety of low-, mid-, and high-power LEDs as well as light-emitting diode ICs. In addition, they offer innovative solutions for automotive lighting applications such as the OSIRE E3731i RGB LED and the Open System Protocol (OSP). The latter allows automotive manufacturers to implement dynamic color- and intensity-changing arrays of hundreds of LEDs by sending instructions via a standard serial bus interface to any microcontroller.


Many people will have seen Hella horns behind the grille of their hotted-up Subaru Impreza but the range of electrical products offered by this brand goes far deeper than just horns. They manufacture a wide range of wiring, relays, fuses, functional switches, assembly parts and garage equipment. They also offer a range of LED bulbs for interior and exterior lighting.

The company’s innovative strength has always formed an important part of their history. The name “Hella” first appeared as a trademark for acetylene headlamps in 1908. It was probably added by the family of founder Sally Windmuller to honour his wife Helen, but it also has a play on words with the German word heller (brighter).

Their latest innovations include digital light SSL, which uses miniaturized LED clusters that can be combined into optical units to create new functions such as the projection of safety distances or lane markings. They are more compact than conventional technology, which means they can be installed in smaller places and use less energy.

The company has a unique light-testing facility in Lippstadt that allows them to simulate natural lighting conditions for research, development and production. It can be used to test the spread, color and homogeneity of light, and to simulate a variety of scenarios. For example, they can test the effect of different illuminating conditions on driver and passenger comfort as well as vehicle performance.

ZKW Group

The ZKW Group is a global partner of the automotive industry. Their innovative premium lighting and electronic systems are designed to illuminate a path for the future of mobility. The company is headquartered in Wieselburg, Austria and employs around 9,700 people worldwide. They specialize in the automotive lighting manufacturers production of headlights, center lamps and exterior lighting components for a number of different car manufacturers. The company also offers LED modules, circuit boards, light engines, and lighting systems for commercial vehicles.

The company is constantly developing new technologies that make driving safer and more comfortable. For example, their Matrix Light automatically masks other cars during night driving using intelligence from a front camera, while still providing drivers with bright illumination of the road ahead. The system also uses energy-efficient and durable LEDs.

In the future, ZKW wants to continue growing internationally and expand their production capacity in Silao, Mexico. Currently, the company manufactures headlights and center lamps for several car brands in North America and Mexico. They will increase the number of employees at their Silao plant by 2025 to around 2,000.

In addition, ZKW plans to build a sales and development office in China. The office will support the existing plant in Dalian. It will also allow them to be closer to their Chinese clients. The office will employ five specialists initially and will grow to 15 in the future.

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