Rack Hybrid Solar Inverter 3.6kw Grid-Connected/Off-Grid Combination

Rack hybrid solar inverter 36kw gridconnectedoffgrid combination

Rack Hybrid Solar Inverter 3.6kw Grid-Connected/Off-Grid Combination

Unlike basic solar grid-tie inverters, this model also allows for battery storage. This will ensure that you have power during a blackout even when the grid fails.

The inverter features a built-in 120A MPPT solar charge controller, with an intelligent battery charging design to optimise battery life. It also has a 230V AC supplementary input for emergency generator or grid supplier.

MPPT Technology

The Rack hybrid solar inverter 3.6kw grid-connected/off-grid combination features some of our most premium products including twelve powerful 300W solar panels, an advanced 48V 500Ah battery bank and a state-of-the-art Iconica hybrid power inverter; an intelligent combination of a high efficiency MPPT solar charge controller, pure sine wave inverter and smart mains battery charger all in one electronic device. It comes with ground fault and arc fault protection built in to ensure the highest level of safety and reliability.

An on/off grid solar inverter is an important part of any solar system, managing the relationship between your Rack hybrid solar inverter 3.6kw grid-connected/off-grid combination home and the electricity grid. They allow you to use your solar energy at night or during periods of low sun irradiation, and they help reduce your reliance on the grid.

These inverters are also capable of using AC power from the grid to recharge your batteries, allowing you to avoid excess charges or discharges that could shorten their lifespan. They are also able to operate without a battery, making them the perfect choice for stand-alone systems and islanding applications.

A hybrid inverter also has a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) technology, which automatically optimizes your PV array’s power output by checking the DC voltage of each panel and adjusting its output accordingly. This helps to maximize the amount of energy you can get from your solar panels and batteries, ensuring that you’re getting the most out of your renewable energy system. It also supports WIFI and GPRS communication, providing convenient remote operation, and features an easy-to-use LCD screen with one-key restoration to factory settings.


During daylight hours, solar panels generate direct current that is fed into the system via an inverter, which converts DC electricity to the alternating current required for lighting and other electrical appliances. A basic grid-tie inverter can only power loads that are powered by the grid, but hybrid solar inverters with built-in energy storage also work as battery inverters and allow for self-consumption and storing of excess electricity for night use.

The BSLBATT hybrid solar inverter 3.6kw features Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT) technology that optimizes the conversion of DC power to charge your batteries and supply your loads with clean, efficient electricity. These inverters also offer energy management systems and smart battery charge design that maximizes your savings on power consumption.

This on/off grid hybrid inverter can operate without the need for a battery bank, and it is perfect for off-grid power systems or those living in areas with unstable grid supplies. It can connect to the internet through a WIFI connection kit or 3G connection kit (sold separately), which unlocks a host of convenient features, including SMS and email status updates, remote system monitoring from anywhere in the world, and more. It is designed to withstand harsh environments and comes equipped with an anti-dust kit to ensure long-term performance. This inverter also has a wide PV input voltage range to handle varying solar panel setups and maximize energy harvesting capabilities.

Battery Storage

The hybrid solar inverter allows you to combine grid-tied (on-grid) and off-grid features in one unit. These inverters manage the incoming power from your solar panels, battery storage, and the utility grid to provide power for homes and businesses during both day and night.

The inverter acts quickly to changes in demand and supply, diverting surplus energy to charge the battery or feeding it back into the grid if necessary. It prioritizes solar input and then, if needed, switches to grid power to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

A hybrid inverter can also monitor and control your solar system remotely via a connected smart device. This ultra-modern technology makes it easy to keep an eye on vital performance data and energy production.

Traditional solar systems generate electricity with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and then convert that DC energy to the alternating current (AC) used in lights, appliances, and most other fixtures and fittings in buildings. However, if the grid goes down during a blackout, traditional grid-tie inverters shut off the solar panel system to prevent backflow of power.

A hybrid inverter with integrated battery charging and smart energy monitoring offers a simple and cost-effective solution. Unlike standalone battery chargers, hybrid inverters with built-in MPPT solar charge controllers can automatically activate the lithium battery to deliver maximum charging power.

Smart Monitoring

Unlike traditional solar systems that generate electricity with photovoltaic (PV) panels, hybrid solar inverters use a system of batteries to store energy during daylight ev-golf-cart-lifepo4-battery hours. This allows them to deliver power even when there is no solar energy being generated, thereby improving their reliability and efficiency.

This technology is ideal for homes and businesses that rely on a stable power supply and have little tolerance for power outages. It allows you to connect to the grid, take advantage of net metering and time-of-use rates, and manage your solar energy generation with connected smartphone apps. Additionally, these inverters can integrate with smart energy management systems to optimize your energy use and maximize your savings.

A grid-interactive inverter combines several hardware elements to control and monitor the connection of electricity from solar power plants and disconnection of excess power based on demand. The inverter also regulates the voltage to ensure that your solar PV system works properly and efficiently.

A Hybrid inverter has a built-in MPPT algorithm that constantly analyzes the current flow to maximize the output of your solar power system. The inverter can also automatically shut off the PV output during a power outage for safety. Moreover, the inverter can run without batteries for increased energy autonomy and maximum self-consumption rate of your solar PV system. It also features an RS485 port that allows you to communicate with your battery and diesel generator, thus increasing the overall reliability of your system.

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