LED Strobe Mobile Light

LED Strobe Mobile Light

Strobing, or pulsing, machine vision lighting helps freeze images for clearer results. However, flashing lights can be disruptive to people nearby.

Volunteer firefighters, EMTs, and police officers can install these LED strobe lights on their personal vehicles. They can even choose the color of the light. These strobe lights also use less power than conventional bulbs.


The LED Strobe Mobile Light is designed to provide visual alerts in loud environments or where audible alarms are not possible or desired. It features an adjustable pulse rate and can be used as a strobe or flashlight. It is easy 3 in 1 moving head light to use and can be installed in a variety of ways. It is ideal for postal and city service vehicles as well as emergency vehicles, construction vehicles, tractors or snowplows.

The bright strobe flashes help to improve visibility in any conditions and provide more contrast between the vehicle and the surrounding traffic or surroundings. This helps reduce accidents and collisions and makes it easier for drivers to see the vehicle. It also eliminates the very bright “hot spots” that can cause driver fatigue and eyestrain.

LED strobe lights are also more consistent than traditional Xenon strobes, providing a clearer picture and no arc wander or flash-to-flash variation. They are capable of operating at higher rates and have a more durable design that will last longer than older Xenon strobes.

Hideaway strobe lights are popular with police departments, who may have restrictions on how many lights they can install on their vehicles. These LED strobe lights are small enough to be hidden in the existing light bar on the vehicle, so they do not spoil the look of the vehicle. This allows the officer to comply with department regulations and not risk being dubbed a whacker, which is a pejorative term for someone who overdoes the installation of lights on their vehicle.


Strobe lights have become a standard for providing visual safety awareness on vehicles, buildings and equipment. They are easy to mount, operate and are highly effective at illuminating dark areas that require extra visibility. There are multiple mounting and power options for these mobile safety strobe lights to meet your specific needs.

LEDs use less power and generate significantly less heat compared to Xenon strobe lights for energy efficiency and environmental concerns. They also have more defined inspection areas which eliminates spillover that can temporarily blind people walking by. They are ideally paired with lenses to concentrate the light output and reduce the brightness of “hot spots” that can be distracting. LEDs can last longer than Xenon bulbs for cost savings and minimize downtime due to bulb replacement.

Battery-powered strobe lights like this one have the advantage of being able to provide a high rate of flashes per minute for maximum visibility. They are cool to the touch after hours of operation and don’t put out dangerous ozone or heat that can burn skin.

They typically work best with a portable or rechargeable power source that can deliver the necessary amount of peak current. They expect the power supply to be able to handle large amounts of current for short periods of time, and if they’re supplied with a power source that can’t handle this demand, their bulbs will flicker.


The Tektite Multifunction LED 3500 Strobe is a portable, high intensity strobe that provides safety illumination. It is double O-ring sealed, depth rated to 500 ft | 152 m and can run for 100 hours on fresh alkaline batteries. It features two factory programmed modes: a steady on mode and a flashing on/off strobe mode. It also includes an auxiliary input to connect to a dry contact closure. It is available in yellow, amber or red and has an all-weather plastic housing and a sturdy attachment point for a snap or lanyard. It comes with a limited LIFETIME warranty from Tektite.

The Aervoe Rechargeable Strobe LED Warning Light is a powerful strobe warning light that is visible from up to a mile away. It is designed to provide a visual alert in noisy workplace environments or in situations where sound alerts are not practical. The strobe is capable of producing a maximum of 198 candela luminous intensity. The strobe is ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, machine shops, garages, and other noise sensitive areas.

This strobe light features 6 long life LED’s and is available in three different flash patterns. It can be hard wired to a 12V – 24V power source for permanent installation with its flange base or it can be temporarily installed on a vehicle using the magnetic mount and vehicle power adapter. It has a rotary switch that allows users to easily change between multiple flash patterns. It is also easy to install on any flat surface.


The strobe light offers a one-year manufacturer warranty, guaranteeing reliability and satisfaction. It features 20-gauge leads with a red positive and black negative, promising a reliable electrical connection. It operates within a voltage range of DC 9V-15V and a working current of 30mA, making it energy-efficient.

LED lights consume less power than conventional bulbs, and don’t lose a lot of energy as heat. This means that the STRB18C is cool to the touch after hours of operation, unlike some disco lights which can burn your hand after just half an hour. It’s also a more compact unit, making it easier to mount than some other strobe lights.

Strobes are ideal for high-speed applications because they can Outdoor Wall Washer “freeze” the image of a moving product to help inspectors check for quality or defects. This can be especially useful for slitter/rewinder inspection, where speed is critical.

Strobe lights can be used to signal other vehicles, such as police cars or emergency response units. They can help direct traffic or alert people to hazards in situations where audible alerts are not practical or desirable. For example, a strobe can tell other drivers to turn left or right, slow down or stop. These signals can help keep everyone safer on the road, even in harsh environments or in weather conditions that limit visibility.

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