The Motorola DM1400 – An Analogue/Digital Mobile Two Way Radio

motorola dm1400

The Motorola DM1400 – An Analogue/Digital Mobile Two Way Radio

Keep your people reliably and cost-effectively connected so they can collaborate and coordinate for maximum efficiency. This analogue/digital mobile radio is compatible with advanced MOTOTRBO business-essential features, including Transmit Interrupt to prioritise critical communication.

It has a clear and simple numeric display and few buttons making it easy to use. This model can be purchased with analogue capability and upgraded to digital with a software package when your organisation is ready.


The Motorola DM1400 is an Ofcom licenced analogue mobile two way radio that can convert to digital with a simple software package when the time comes. Featuring advanced MOTOTRBO business-essential features like transmit interrupt capability (decode only) that prioritizes critical communication, this rugged and reliable mobile radio delivers superior audio quality and greater coverage range for maximum efficiency. Easily manage communications with up to 16 channels, two programmable buttons, emergency button and IP54 rating. A cost effective solution for your daily operation.

All Motorola two way motorola dm1400 radios require a Ofcom Business Radio Licence. Radiotrader can help you obtain this and programme your radios in accordance with your licence.

Analogue Only

A rugged analog-only version of the DM1400 is available for those that are not ready to migrate fully to digital. It is compatible with advanced MOTOTRBO features you’ll find are business-essential – like transmit interrupt (decode only) to prioritize critical communications.

This cost-effective radio helps you stay reliably connected to your workforce whether they’re delivering cargo, dispatching trucks or transporting passengers. Easy-to-use ergonomics and crisp, clear audio help your teams work more efficiently – with safety in mind.

The DM1400 is IP54 rated for dustproof and splashproof protection, with a bright and high contrast alphanumeric display to help ensure drivers can see their caller ID at a glance. It can also be upgraded to digital with a software licence when the time is right for your operation.

Transmit Interrupt Capability (decode only)

The DM1400 analogue Licensed Mobile Radio offers the benefits of latest technology – from superior audio to greater coverage – at an affordable price. This rugged performer is compatible with advanced MOTOTRBO business-essential features, such as transmit interrupt capability to prioritise critical communication. It can also be upgraded to digital at any time, with a simple software upgrade.

MOTOTRBO Dual Capacity Direct Mode allows you to double the capacity of your 12.5 kHz channel, without the need for a repeater. This feature provides increased flexibility, increased voice quality and improved battery life.

The bus driver can use his DM1400 to stay in touch with the dispatcher, and keep his passengers safe. The numeric display gives him the information he needs, and if he hears something on the radio he can use one of the programmable buttons to call for help. It’s even IP54 rated, so the radio can be used in challenging environments.

Radio Management Tool

The Motorola DM1400 digital mobile radio offers all the benefits of the latest technology, from superior audio quality to greater coverage. It’s compatible with advanced MOTOTRBO business-essential features, including transmit interrupt capability which enables a supervisor to deliver critical communication exactly when and where it’s needed. This digital model also gives you the flexibility to migrate to the latest technology at your own pace. Purchase the analogue-only version now and upgrade to digital whenever you’re ready – all it takes is a simple software upgrade.

Suitable for delivery drivers, dispatch teams and bus or tram drivers, the DM1400 is designed to keep you connected no matter how fast you’re going. The visor microphone and steering wheel-mounted push-to-talk button let you communicate without taking your hands off the wheel, while the digital noise cancelling software eliminates background distractions so you can hear each other clearly.

The DM1400 is also compatible with the MOTOTRBO Radio Management tool from Motorola Solutions which lets you program radios in batches to standardised templates and delivers rapid over-the-air programming. If you already use CPS you can easily transition over – all you need to do is send us an email with motorola dm1400 a list of 25 radio serial numbers and we’ll give you 50% off your Radio Management licence*. We sell both the Motorola Radio Management Tool and a range of radio accessories to help you get started.

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