Add Elegance to Your Bedroom With Wall Lights

wall lights for bedroom

Add Elegance to Your Bedroom With Wall Lights

Add a touch of elegance to your bedroom with stylish wall lights. These chic fixtures come in a variety of styles and finishes, so it’s easy to find one that suits your unique aesthetic.

Whether hardwired for a clean look or plugged in with sleek cord covers (shown here), sconces work well beside the bed to free up space on your nightstand. You can also hang them above a gallery of art for added interest.

Ambient Lighting

When selecting ambient lighting for a bedroom, opt for fixtures that emit soft, diffused light rather than harsh direct illumination. This helps set a relaxing tone and reduces eye strain while illuminating the room. Opt for frosted or fabric shades that distribute light evenly and reduce glare, as well as fixture finishes that complement your home’s design style.

A pair of bedside sconces illuminates the dramatic tufted headboard lighting manufacturer in this bedroom, while highlighting decorative wall art and a traditional upholstered chair. The simple English barrel shade of these sconces from Hudson Valley Lighting brings a classic look to the space. The rind details at the arm hinges of this fixture’s arms add a hint of visual interest to the bedroom decor.

In this master suite, the sconces flanking this luxurious bed are an elegant touch. The glass and rattan shades are both visually appealing, and the bottom light provides reading light without taking up valuable space on the bedside table.

Ambient sconces that double as bedside reading lights are a great choice for bedrooms because they negate the need for a bedside table, which can free up space for vases, cups and books. Choose a sconce that can be hardwired or plugged in and features a brass, nickel or matte-black finish to suit your bedroom design. A sconce with a built-in adjustable arm is even more versatile, and a dual-arm model allows you to control the direction of the reading light.

Reading Lights

Reading lights in the bedroom are a great way to add directional task lighting that’s easy on the eyes. Whether mounted on or above the headboard, these fixtures are ideal for illuminating bedside books, magazines, or other personal reading materials. Sconces and pendant lights that feature a built-in reading light are available in a wide range of finishes and styles, making them suitable for almost any design scheme.

If you’re shopping for a wall-mounted reading lamp, look for one with adjustable brightness levels to ensure that the light is just bright enough without straining your eyes. Also, be sure to consider the color temperature of the fixture’s bulbs. Bulbs at the lower end of the color spectrum tend to produce a warm glow, while those in the higher range emit a whiter light.

Depending on your needs, you may want to choose a reading light that comes with a USB port for device charging or a shelf for extra storage space. These handy features are becoming increasingly desirable in modern reading lamps, allowing homeowners to customize their home décor with functional pieces they love.

Accent Lighting

Adding bedroom accent lighting is an easy way to add character to a room, especially when it comes in the form of a whimsical fixture. Whether you’re looking for something vintage with a faux candle design or a more modern piece in a metallic finish, there are plenty of choices to fit your personal style.

These lights can be positioned on either side of a bed or above a vanity for a unique look that’s sure to impress. They can also be installed to draw attention to a feature wall or even a piece of artwork hung on the wall.

Accent lighting is important in a bedroom because it helps set the mood for rest and relaxation. Having multiple layers of lighting is the key to achieving this, so be sure to include recessed ceiling fixtures on dimmers, table and floor lamps and even some wall-mounted fixtures.

While it might be tempting to opt for the same type of fixture throughout the entire home, each space deserves its own unique lighting setup. In a bedroom, the lighting should be tailored to reflect the occupants’ tastes and the way they use the space. Adding a few feature wall lights in the form of sconces or hanging wall lights for bedroom a chandelier can help create a more bespoke look to the space and highlight a specific detail like a pattern or texture that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Task Lighting

Whether you’re curling up with a book, watching TV or working from home, your bedroom requires task lighting to support your activities. Unlike general lighting, which is typically spread across the entire room by chandeliers or recessed fixtures, task lights focus on specific areas of your space and illuminate them at a higher intensity.

While table lamps and sconces provide ample task light at the bedside, wall-mounted swing arm lamps can be equally as effective. These fixtures offer more flexibility in positioning than traditional bedside tables and leave the surface free for other essentials like a clock. They’re also available in a wide range of designs, from classic metal to modern wood and marble.

Keep in mind that light colors can impact your mood, so choose wisely for your bedroom’s task lighting. Blue and white lights tend to promote alertness, which is why they’re best used as general or ambient lighting in living spaces, while warmer shades (like yellow) are better suited to reading, relaxing or work-from-home tasks.

Accent lighting can add an eye-catching focal point to your room by highlighting a unique feature or a collection of artwork or other wall decor. Whether you use recessed lighting, a wall sconce or even creative repurposing of other fixtures like a lamp, experiment with different bulb wattages and tones to find what creates your ideal ambiance.

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