Adjustable Track Lighting for Hospitality

adjustable track lighting

Adjustable Track Lighting for Hospitality

Precise LED track lighting can add dimension and contrast to your hospitality decor. These lights can be adjusted easily at a moment’s notice to accommodate reconfigured seating arrangements and other changes.

When shopping for a track lighting system, keep in mind the following factors to find the right fit.

Dimming and Adjustable Brightness

A good track lighting system can brighten a room, but it can also be dimmed to change the mood. This feature is especially useful in rooms that need to be adjusted for different events or activities. You can use a simple rotary phase control dimmer to change the intensity of the light to match your needs. It’s an effective way to save energy and money while still providing adequate lighting for your home.

Modern track systems come in several different styles and configurations. They can be flexible or straight and are designed to fit both standard and vaulted ceilings. Some are powered by a junction box with line voltage, while others are power-fed from a regular wall outlet that can snap into the middle or end of a run of track.

Nooransky’s track lights are crafted with the finest materials and are engineered to last. These fixtures are a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. They are the perfect choice for your home or business, offering a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics. The built-in dimmer and powerful LED lamp are the perfect combination to elevate your living space. The 3000K color temperature creates a soothing glow that mimics the sun’s natural rays, making this light more than just a lighting product—it’s an experience. With the simple touch of a button, you can transform your space from a bright and invigorating work area to a cozy and relaxing living space for entertaining friends or spending time with family.


Track lighting is flexible and easy to reposition, so it’s ideal for highlighting artwork or accentuating architectural features. It also lets you change your lighting arrangement to suit different occasions or moods. However, it may not be suitable for rooms with led lights lower ceilings since the tracks, rails, or cables can hang down into the walking area of the room and pose a hazard for people walking beneath them.

Some track lighting systems have extra built-in flexibility or are compatible with add-on accessories that can help increase the amount of flexibility. For example, a dimmer switch can be added to adjust the light’s brightness, while lenses can lengthen or broaden the light beam. Colored lenses can even be used to change the light’s color temperature.

Another way to enhance the flexibility of your track lighting is by adding a swivel-head fixture that allows you to swivel the head into any position that’s necessary. This is an especially good option if you need to install your track lighting in a space that has limited ceiling height or is in a corner.

When you’re selecting a new track lighting system, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding maintenance and adjustable track lighting care. This will ensure that the fixtures remain in good condition and that they function properly for years to come.


Track lighting is a plug-and-play lighting system that lets you illuminate exactly what and where you want at the flip of a switch. This flexibility makes this type of lighting a great choice for showcasing art in homes or businesses, as well as for providing targeted illumination in closets and hallways.

There are several different options for choosing a track lighting system. Some are low voltage and can be plugged into your wall outlet, while others require line voltage that runs through a recessed track. You can also find kits that include everything you need to install the lighting. It is important to choose a system that matches the voltage and wattage requirements of your light fixtures. For example, using a 12 volt track with a 24 volt system can cause damage to the fixture and could result in a fire.

If you’re interested in adding more features to your track lighting system, you can look for options that are compatible with add-on accessories. For example, some systems offer dimmer switches that let you adjust the brightness of your lights. You can also find lenses that lengthen or broaden the light beam, or change its color.

To get the most out of your track lighting system, make sure you purchase all pieces from the same manufacturer. Mixing and matching pieces from different brands can lead to electrical problems, and it can void the warranty on your system.

Energy Efficiency

The track lighting you choose for your home can be more energy efficient than traditional options. According to Deane Biermeier, a member of The Spruce Home Review Board, the style of track light and railing type you choose can make all the difference when it comes to how much light your fixture produces and where it directs it.

The number of lights attached to a track can also impact its overall efficiency. Each track light has a limited number of watts it can use per circuit based on its voltage. The watts used by all the lights attached to one track must equal less than that limit, so carefully consider how many you want in your space before purchasing.

You can also reduce your energy bills by choosing LED track lights. These light emitting diodes use less electricity to produce visible light, so they consume less energy and last longer than standard bulbs. Additionally, LEDs are designed to emit very little heat, so they don’t cause damage to delicate artwork.

Understanding how adjustable track lighting works will help you select the right fixtures for your commercial project. Be sure to share your project’s layout and requirements with an Alcon specification sales consultant to ensure you’re using the best products to fit your space. Call today to schedule a complimentary design consultation.

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