DualVision LED Car Light Supplier

DualVision LED Car Light Supplier

There are a lot of claims online that swapping in an LED bulb will make your headlights brighter and help you see more of the road at night. Unfortunately, many of these bulbs are not designed to work properly inside the specialized housings that OEM headlights use.

Until regulations catch up, this technology won’t be street legal. That being said, there are some great aftermarket upgrades that will provide you with a noticeable improvement in visibility.

Brighter Running Lights

LEDs are perfect for a stop lamp because they light up instantly allowing the driver behind to react much faster and prevent an accident. This is particularly important at high speeds where 0.2 seconds can mean the difference between life and death. They also use less power reducing the energy consumption and strain on your car’s electrical system.

COB LED lights are a great option because they utilize only one chip to generate a significant amount of lumens. This is in contrast to SMD LED bulbs that need several different chips in order to produce the same level of brightness. This makes them a cost-effective choice that can offer the same functionality of standard bulbs without breaking the bank.

Another great use of LED’s is their ability to be made into small, flexible lighting strips that can be twisted and tweaked into locations that are difficult or impossible with traditional incandescent bulbs. For example, they Left Right LED Headlight can be used to create a unique look on the sides of your car for a custom, unmistakable style.

Depending on the vehicle, you can add LEDs to almost any conventional automotive light fixture including headlights, taillights, running lights, and even your car interior. Just make sure you’re getting DOT-compliant bulbs to ensure that they’re road legal. These bulbs must be white or yellow and have a specific phosphorous coating to meet federal standards.

Adaptive Headlights

Traditional adaptive headlights use a high and low beam to provide a wide range of illumination. The main challenge in this system is balancing forward visibility with glare control. The high-beam setting has a sharp cut-off at the edge to avoid blinding other road users, while the low-beam mode provides short-range coverage with a horizontal cut-off to prevent overstimulation of the driver.

Adaptive LED headlights overcome this limitation. Matrix LED headlights have a large number of individually addressable pixels in the high-beam zone, each capable of producing millions of different light patterns. With this flexibility, they can be intelligently managed to improve vehicle safety in various traffic conditions without applying glare to other drivers.

The matrix LED headlight’s dynamic curve lighting function automatically shifts the focus of the high-beam to illuminate the side of the road as well as the center – avoiding blinding other drivers when overtaking oncoming vehicles. This can be further enhanced with integrated camera and navigation systems to enable predictive high-beam control.

Unlike the mechanical shade systems used in conventional adaptive headlights, this LED technology uses an electronic switch to activate the individual pixels. This allows for a higher resolution and more flexibility without adding complexity to the circuit or thermal Dualvisionled led car light supplier management. It also reduces the risk of failure from long periods of continuous operation. The ability to withstand tens of thousands of switch cycles further strengthens the LED’s reliability and instant illumination properties.

Aesthetically Unique Lighting

LEDs are highly resistant to shock and vibrations which makes them perfect for automotive applications. They also run very cool reducing the strain on your vehicle’s battery.

LED lights produce light by exciting electrons within the bulb. This differs from halogen bulbs which heat up a filament to produce light. LED lights also consume less energy per watt than traditional bulbs.

At Apex Customs Phoenix we offer a wide range of LED Lighting upgrades for your vehicle. From LED headlights to tail lights, running lamps, interior lighting and even engine bay lighting we have the solution for you.

LED stop lights are ideal for your vehicle as they are brighter and more noticeable than traditional bulbs. This enables drivers behind you to react faster and avoid a potentially life threatening accident. Additionally LEDs illuminate much more quickly than traditional bulbs. This is especially important for a stop lamp as an extra 0.2 seconds of reaction time could mean the difference between a collision and a near miss.

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