LED Off Road Driving Lights

LED Off Road Driving Lights

Whether you’re a seasoned off roader or new to four wheeling, having proper lighting is essential. The right lights will illuminate treacherous obstacles and give you the confidence needed to tackle challenging terrain.

LEDs use 1/10th the energy halogen bulbs do and are durable, compact, longer lasting, and come in many different shapes and sizes. RealTruck carries LED off-road lights in both single and dual row, including the most popular 6 inch off road light bar.

Light in the Dark

A LED light is capable of illuminating an area much wider and further than a factory headlight or the typical auxiliary lighting solution. This means you’ll be able to see much more of the terrain that you’re traversing after hours. Whether you’re a hardcore overland adventurer or a casual weekend off roader, having the ability to see more of the terrain around your vehicle can be extremely beneficial.

When it comes to comparing LED lights, the most important thing to take into account is what you’re planning on using them for. There are a ton of different beam configurations available to choose from; some more useful than others, depending on what kind of off road driving you’re going to be doing with them.

Having more than enough light to see the paved path ahead of you is important, but having just the right amount of illumination for the off-road paths you’ll be exploring at night is just as crucial. LED off road lighting allows you to light up the entire path without creating excess glare or reflections that can blind other drivers on the road.

Whether you’re looking for an auxiliary lighting solution that will fit on the roof of your truck, in the grille of your Jeep custom headlight parts or Subaru, mounted in your bumper or valance, on your roll cage or in the front or rear of your ATV or UTV, there’s a quality LED light to meet your needs. There are even hidden light mounts for some popular off-road vehicles that allow you to install a light bar with a clean, finished appearance.

Increased Visibility

LED lights are designed to emit a powerful beam of light that stretches far in front of your vehicle. Many different types of beam patterns are available to choose from and they can be tailored to your specific needs depending on the type of terrain that you plan to tackle, including spot beams, flood beams, fog beams, diffusion, scene, and combo beams.

In addition to lighting up the road or trail ahead of you, off-road LED lights can also illuminate areas on your sides, especially when mounted in a corner of your truck or SUV’s bumper or grille. Fog lights should be mounted low, often just below the front bumper, to better penetrate heavy fog and water droplets that tend to form in harsh off-road conditions. Work scene lights, on the other hand, are ideal for mounting higher up on a roof rack to help cover a larger area above your head and shoulders.

LEDs are well known for their durability and this is a particularly important feature for off-road driving lights since they’re more likely to take a beating than your normal automotive bulbs. They’re also more resistant to impacts and vibrations, which are two of the primary reasons that a lot of automotive lights break down after being exposed to off-road driving conditions. Inexpensive LED lights will tend to have less durable housing and smaller or thinner mounting brackets that can be weakened by off-road vibration, making them more prone to wobbling and not providing as much consistent illumination.


While it may sound obvious, having powerful off road driving lights that provide a slice of daylight can help you safely navigate a variety of situations and conditions. They can light up the area in front of your vehicle and remove a lot of the glare that makes it difficult to see, especially at night.

The increased visibility offered by these lights can also make it much easier to see obstacles in your path. This can prevent accidents and make the off-road experience much safer for everyone involved. These lights are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations, making it easy to find a set that is right for you.

KC’s LED off road light kits are designed to be durable and withstand the rigors of off-road use. They come with heavy-duty adjustable brackets that can be mounted to the roof or bumper of your truck, and they can withstand hard impacts and rough vibrations. They also feature different colors, candlepower, and special features that allow you to customize your lighting setup to best suit your specific needs.

Keep in mind that it is a good idea to choose a DOT-approved light for your off road vehicle. This will ensure that you are using a light that is street legal and that LED Off Road Driving Lights other drivers can see it clearly, even if you are driving on paved roads at night.


Whether you’re a dedicated overlander or just an occasional off-roader, high-output auxiliary lighting is an essential accessory for any 4×4. LED lights are the most popular choice as they consume far less energy than halogen bulbs and can be mounted in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are also durable and unaffected by shock and vibration, making them ideal for off roading.

When shopping for off-road LED lights, you’ll want to consider the main uses for your new system before making a purchase. For example, what kind of driving will you be doing? This will help narrow down the type of beam patterns and complete off-road LED lighting systems that would be best for your truck.

Some common off-road LED light patterns include:

DOT Fog: These lights provide a fog pattern similar to your vehicle’s OEM fog lights but with improved brightness and distance. Fog lights are a great option for driving in low visibility conditions such as rain, fog and snow.

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